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2531 N Dodge Ave
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Praise From Our Customers
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Praise From Our Customers

We routinely receive letters and phone calls from satisfied customers who have searched long and hard for a quality chrome plating shop. They tell us of their disappointment with previous services obtained from other plating shops across the country, and how excited they were to receive the quality finished products from our shop. Here are just a few examples of their comments.

I received my parts that I had Chrome Plated today. Everything looked great. Thanks for your prompt service and professional business dealings, a welcome switch from what I am used to. You have earned my future business. Thanks again.
--Jack Slaymaker IA

I want to thank you for your excellent, quality work, and professional service. I will continue to use you in the future!
--Bud Stewarts

I'm writing to you in regards to the service and quality of workmanship done to my flywheel cover for my "74" Monte Carlo! You are one in a million chrome shops that do what you're in business for!!!! -- to please the customers and turn out high quality plating!! I could tell you some of my horror stories from the chrome shops I've had to deal with in the past, but you wouldn't believe!!! The work some of them did, and others the time it took to do the work, and some of them Both! Thanks again for the service and the quality of chrome plating done to my fly wheel cover.
--Greg Holloway MI

We are very satisfied with the work you did for us. Your workmanship is excellent. Thank you very much.
--Jerry Boldt  SD

You people did a fantastic job on all the parts that were sent to you.
--Ricky Clements  WI

I would like to thank you for the great job you did on my air cleaner top. After the car show season ends I have some other parts I would like to send you and I will tell my friends about you. Thank you.
--Robert Martin  NJ

I am looking forward to doing business with you again at this time. Your chrome plating of my car horns came out great. I have gotten lots of compliments on your great job done to those items. Again thank you.
--Larry Lujan Jr.  CO

Thank you for the fast service on chroming the parts for the Holy Water container. The chrome is real nice. I have sent parts to various chromers throughout the country and so far you folks are the best.
--Bill Cernik  NY

I recently received my mirrors from you that I sent to be rechromed. I just wanted you to know that I'm very pleased with your work, and the price you charged was very reasonable. Any future work I need done on my cars will be directed to your business. I'll also mention your fine work to all my friends.
--Bruce Bland  ID

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How To Use Our Services

Thank you for your interest in our plating services. The information on this site explains our varied processes and the service types available. Process time is somewhat affected by the quality level you specify in your order. After determining your individual needs, please follow these guidelines so that we may serve you better:

  • Itemize all parts and quantities. Please be sure to include year and model of vehicle parts.

  • Fully disassemble all parts and wipe away excessive oil and grease.

  • Wrap each part in newspaper or packaging material, combining smaller parts in a sack before adding them for transport.

  • Select a sturdy box for shipping. Add extra newspaper to protect parts.

  • If applicable, insure your package

Upon receipt of your order, we will:

  • Photograph and identify all parts (all pieces will remain together throughout the restoration and plating process).

  • Provide you a firm price quote that will be effective for 60 days. No work will begin until we receive your approval. Large custom jobs may require a 50% deposit.

  • Notify you of your project completion. Upon completion the remainder of the balance is due. Shipping will be paid by the customer.

Our Business Hours:
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM - Mountain Time
1-406-449-6626 (Helena MT)
406-442-6591 (fax)
click for a map and directions to our shop

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If You Encounter Shipping Damage

When we return your finished parts, we insure your package in order to safeguard your product. Please inspect your order as soon as it arrives. If you find that an item was damaged during shipment, please do NOT return the item to Decorative Industrial Plating, as this will void the benefits of the insurance we have purchased. Instead, please contact your local shipping office in order to file a claim and/or obtain instructions on how to properly file an insurance claim.

Please make note of the shipment tracking number on the package sent from Decorative Industrial Plating.

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Recommended Care of Your Reconditioned Parts

It is recommended that new chrome and accessories receive a good coat of wax or polish after they are installed. This protection should be repeated periodically after installation, depending on service conditions and severity of the climate they are exposed to.

Click here for more details on Flitz products.If you are not sure what type of wax or polish to use, you can order the Flitz© brand metal polish or wax protectant from our shop. These products come in paste or liquid form, and the polish is also available in pre-coated towelettes. A color brochure and free sample of Flitz© metal polish are available on request.


The utmost care has been taken to return to you a quality part. There are some things you should know, however, in order to keep your part in good condition. The brass plating is a soft metal alloy intended as a decorative finish. Brass plated parts aren’t wear resistant and they can easily be scratched or rubbed through. We recommend a clear coat (similar to the clear coat used on automobiles) to help prevent damage and oxidation of the brass finish. Do not use abrasive cleaners. This finish is not warranted under any circumstances. This brass finish is a decorative finish only.

We do offer a clear coat -- but on limited applications only, since we are not set up with a large enough area that is completely dust free in order to keep dust particles from becoming embedded in the clear coat finish. Ask us about this service.

Another option for a clear coat is to buy a spray can of clear gloss at your local hardware store, and clear coat theparts yourself in as dust free a location as possible, following the directions on the spray can.


The utmost care has been taken to return to you a quality part. There are some things you should know, however, in order to keep your part in good condition. The gold plating is a 24k gold flash, which is recommended for show cars only. This is very thin and soft and can easily be scratched or rubbed through. We recommend that you apply a clear coat (similar to the clear finish on cars) over this gold finish. By doing this you should receive many years of service from this part.

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Pricing Policy

Since a firm quote based on actual condition of a part is the fairest price estimate, we feel best about quoting specific prices for our services only after examining the part to be worked. If you should decide to send us your parts for a quote and later decide not to proceed with the order, we will pay the return freight back to you -- we are that sure you will find our pricing fair and our workmanship outstanding!

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2531 N Dodge Ave, Helena, MT 59601-0509
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